Baring it All with Bollare and Fortnight Lingerie

Feeling your best on your wedding day not only includes a fantastic makeup artist, hair stylist, and of course your wedding day attire. What you wear under the gown you’ve been dreaming about for the past few months can add that extra amount of sexiness and comfort to last throughout the day’s festivities. Whether you wear something cream, nude, pink, or blue underneath your wedding gown like these selections below from Fortnight Lingerie via Bollare, embrace modern styles with a hint of vintage glamour. What will you be wearing underneath it all while saying, “I Do”? Tell us by leaving a comment below!

About the Company: “Fortnight Lingerie combines strong, sexy aesthetics with highly tailored sizing to create undergarments that are both luxurious and versatile. Each lingerie piece is designed to make your body and wardrobe look its best by mixing clean lines with discreet detailing in sizes that actually fit. Fortnight Lingerie carries a larger scale of sizes, ranging from 30-38, A-E.” For more information and to purchase, visit

Fortnight Lingerie from Bollare

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