Cufflinks for every type of Groom – even the tech gurus!

If you are renting a tuxedo, most likely your shirt will come with the option to wear cuff links. Why not go classy for your wedding with some cufflinks that suit your style. With so many options to choose from these days, the possibilities are endless. From classic mother of pearl to your college team, there is sure to be something that will compliment your look. Also, they make great gifts for the men in the wedding party.

For the Baseball Fan

New York Yankees Pinstripe Cufflinks and New York Mets

New York Yankees Pinstripe Cufflinks | New York Mets Baseball Cufflinks

For the Tech Guru

USB Flash Drive Cufflinks

USB Flash Drive Cufflinks in Silver Finish 4GB

Miniature Mac Mouse Cufflinks

Magic Mouse Miniature Mouse Cufflinks

For the Car Enthusiast

Gear Shift and Racing Steering Wheel Cufflinks

Gear Shift Cufflinks | Steering Wheel Cufflinks

For the Music Lover

Fender Pick Cufflinks

Scottsdale – Miniature plectrum cufflinks

Music Note Cufflinks

Love Sheet Music Cufflinks | Bass Clef Cufflinks

For the Sailing Man

Nautical and Sailing Cufflinks

Nautical Silver Anchor Cufflinks | Starboard And Port Cufflinks

For the Star Wars™ Fan

Star Wars™ Movie Cufflinks

Star Wars™ Cuff Links

For the Uncommon Guy

Uncommon Cufflinks

Latitude Longitude Cufflinks | Subway Token Cufflinks

For the Military Man

Uncommon Cufflinks

USMC Marine Corps Gold 1st Division First to Fight Cufflinks | Army National Guard Military Seal Cufflinks | U.S Navy Round Military Enamel Seal Cufflinks

Cufflinks are designed for wearing with French cuff shirts instead of most everyday shirts that are equipped with button cuffs. Be sure to specify that you will be wearing cufflinks when you rent your tuxedo. You don’t want to end up with the wrong shirt and no way to wear your new stylish cufflinks.

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