Peacock Wedding Inspirations

Peacocks are a symbol of beauty reminding us to take pleasure in the finer things in life. These gorgeous birds are loyal, pure of heart and faithful to their partners. wedding inspiration, peacock wedding, inspiration board

1. Put a little peacock flair into your style with this turquoise and blue Peacock Garter from Garters by Kristi.

2. This Gracie’s Mrs. Peacock clutch from BeeGee Bags is a combination of vintage shape and modern sheek. The shimmery cream silk fabric is embroidered with peacocks on it.

3. A headband for the bride and hair clips for the bridal party by Mimi Boutique. This beautiful handcrafted Lainey Feather Headband and Elizabeth Peacock Feather Hair Clip are made of rich tones of green, gold and brown.

4. Introduce your wedding theme with these gorgeous invitations from Peacock Invitations. The Pavoni Amanti Collection comes complete with a peacock feather.

5. Instead of your bridesmaids carrying a floral bouquet, adorn them with a Single Row Peacock Fan from Feather Mart.

6. Get your gals all dolled up by having them wear the York Strapless Gown in Navy by 57 Grand.

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