Trendy Trousseau – For the Contemporary Bride

Long ago, every young woman began the assembly of her bridal trousseau, well before she even became engaged. Filling a hope chest full of linens and nightgowns is not something that most brides today do, but they do put together a modern version of the bridal trousseau.

Today most couples register for their household items at a department store, and let their wedding guests take care of filling up their new home. This is fine, but there is one part of the bridal trousseau that you taking care of yourself, and that is lingerie for your wedding day (and night too!).

Besides the wedding night, you can also pick up some more edgy and colorful pieces to wear on your honeymoon. Your new husband will be eager to see you emerge each evening in another sexy ensemble. And that is why the bridal trousseau continues to be a wonderful tradition.

Modern and Trendy Trousseau

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