Groom Tip #28 + Seven Groom’s Prep Wedding Photography Detail Shots

Some may say that weddings are all about the bride, but we very much disagree. Of course, more often than not, all eyes will be on the bride, but that doesn’t mean he groom has to stand on the sidelines throughout the day. After all, this is his special day, too! One way to make the groom feel more included is simply by letting his story unfold through photography and video. On the day of your wedding, have your various corresponding details ready to have captured during the groom prep. Your suit/tuxedo, shoes, socks, cufflinks, watches, and anything sentimental are all items you might want to consider. Remember, it’s these small details like the ones below that make your love story a little more unique. They also make great shots to include in your wedding album! Are you a vendor who makes a more conscious effort to show the groom and his groomsmen some well-deserved love and attention? Are you a recent groom that had a photographer or vendor go over the top to make you feel like a rockstar on your wedding day? Send us your photos and story for a chance to be featured!


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