11 Elegantly Iced Wedding Cakes that will WOW your guests!

Wedding cakes are wonderful. Everyone looks forward to the cake – they look forward to seeing it, to tasting it and even to watching you cut the cake. While wedding cakes come in lots of colors and details, it’s the ones with the intricate details that are sometimes the most beautiful. Gilded accents, hand-painted details and fondant embellishments transform the simplest wedding cake into a masterpiece of art.

Source: Intricate Icings

Source: Ron Ben-Israel

Source: Cakes by Nicolle

Source: Colin Cowie Weddings

Source: The Merry Bride

Source: Sugar Ruffles

Source: Amy Beck Cake Design

Source: Palermo Custom Cakes & Bakery

Source: Heather Barranco

Source: Sweet Grace

Source: Sylvia Weinstock

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