Cranbury Inn

“We are waiting to help you arrange the wedding of your dreams.”

21 South Main Street
Cranbury, NJ 8512

Weddings at The Cranbury Inn are arranged to be a traditional romantic honoring of you, the Bride and Groom, and your commitment to and your love for each other. It is our purpose to provide service to you, to provide trust to you our Bride and Groom, and we give you a true commitment to fulfill all of our obligations for this important day in your life.

We know that wedding ceremonies have been conducted at The Cranbury Inn since the 1920s when Judge Wincklhoffer, the Innkeeper, was also the Justice of the Peace. How far back wedding receptions go is not recorded but couples married here have also celebrated their 50th, 65th & 75th anniversaries here.

We want to do what makes you happy on your special day while creating for you the wedding reception you have always wanted. We provide free consultation to our Brides and Grooms and we are available to talk to you about your wedding seven days a week. Someone is always on duty that can help you with your wedding plans and questions. You will receive personal attention from the owners and manager with no ma'tred fee. Our terms are unbeaten: $1000.00 non- refundable deposit-depending on the size & location of your reception, and the balance is due immediately after your affair. Be sure to pick up your copy of our "Wedding Check List" when booking your wedding at The Cranbury Inn.

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