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You’re bridesmaids should be dressed to impress for your special day- without stealing the show of course. Although their attire doesn’t necessarily have to be identical, bridesmaids should be easily distinguished from wedding guests. Are you allowing your fabulous friends to choose their style to fit their personality or will they be rocking the dress of your choice as they strut down the aisle? From neutral tones to pastel and bold, explore BHLDN’s latest “Color Your Maids Happy” collections. Tell us what your favorite style is by leaving a comment below and don’t forget to share the love!

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  1. It was extremely refreshing to see such fun silohuettes and vivid colors on the model(s), especially when bridesmaids usually draw the short straw when it comes to dresses! You hear so many horror stories, but these dresses are flattering without running the risk of stealing the show from the bride! Thanks for sharing the collection!

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