Travel tips
to help you through the honeymoon planning process!

Honeymoon Tip #44 - Contemporary Weddings MagazineBecome familiar with some of the local laws whether you’re traveling nationally or worldwide.

Try to pack light and leave valuables at home. If you don’t need them, it’s best if you leave these items at home in a safe place.

Appoint a family member of trustworthy friend to check on the house and collect mail while you’re on the honeymoon.

Wear shoes that are not only comfortable but easy to get in and out of to make going through security at the airport a breeze.

When traveling long distances or with multiple stops, pack a fresh change of clothes and necessary medications within your carryon bag in case your luggage gets delayed.

Keep all important travel documents in one visible spot that you won’t miss when leaving for your honeymoon.

Don’t forget appropriate chargers, outlet connectors, or converters if you’re planning on using electronic devices when traveling abroad.

Place toiletries in zip lock bags before packing them in your suitcase. If they accidentally open during your flight, this will help prevent them causing a messy situation.

If you’re planning on traveling internationally for your honeymoon, be sure to apply in advance for a passport, as it takes a minimum of six weeks to process.