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When it comes to picking out the music for your wedding, there are a few major components that come into play to determine how many song requests you should supply for the DJ to pick from. Keep in mind these important ideas below submitted by PJ Windle of Essential Sounds Entertainment.

1. Allowing your guests to request songs will ultimately give a blend of both your music style and your guests. If you dislike some of the more common styles of music that would be played at a wedding, suggesting that the guests give requests is probably something you will not want the DJ to do.

2. If the music you enjoy is hard to find, more obscure, or alternative from the mainstream, you will want to provide your DJ with some guidance. Providing song titles, artists, etc. will allow the DJ to select similar music that falls in line with what you like.

3. How much of the standard wedding music do want to be played? We Are Family, Celebration and Respect are examples of these types of songs. They do tend to work to get a dance floor moving, but that doesn’t mean it will work to get YOUR dance floor moving, or you specifically. If you don’t enjoy those, it’s always good to offer some more depth into what you do like, so the DJ can feel confident that what they are going to play will ultimately get you moving, as well as your guests.

In the end, the amount of requests that you provide to your DJ is completely up to you. Each DJ is different with what they feel is appropriate. Keep in mind that if you supply your DJ with 120 requests, there is no possible way he/she can fit all of those songs into the night. A 4 hour wedding reception will provide you enough time for a total of 65-75 songs to be played. Cocktail Hour allows you another 15 or so songs to select, if you choose. PJ suggests prioritizing your play list and categorizing songs into groups, such as, “Cocktail Hour”, “Slow Songs” and “Dance Requests”. Highlighting the top songs you most definitely would like to hear will help your DJ plan out sets of music based off of your most preferred requests and also work in the remainder of the list as well as I am able to. Don’t forget your DJ will always use their best judgment from their years of experience.

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