Philip Siciliano Photography: Making it Look Different

Our wedding vendor guide continues to grow more and more lovely every day. We’ve been warmly welcoming so many amazing wedding professionals lately, and we must say, this group of creatives are the cream of the crop. Today we’re introducing the amazing talent of Philip Siciliano Photography, whose known for “making it look different.” Philip Siciliano is the heart and soul behind the lens and it’s through his creative eye that not only effortlessly tells each and every couple’s story, but will leave you feeling inspired with each photo that’s shared. Take a peak of Philip Siciliano Photography’s brilliant work below and be sure to head over to his profile page and website to see more.

From Philip…When people ask me how I started I tell them it was quite simple. I picked up a camera and just started showing people what the world looks like to me. I try to bring a unique experience to all my clients. It’s your wedding day, you should feel comfortable and be in the presence of professionals who not only do their job but are people you actually want to hang out with. I’ll never try to be better than any body, but I’m always going to be different. You only get one wedding day so I’m going to create something you have for the rest of your life. Above all though, I never really feel like I’m working, so when I am at work, I am really just having fun and that’s what comes out in the photos. People just having fun.

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