Times Have Changed and so Have Weddings

Couples can incorporate wedding traditions of past centuries with new and modern twists of the 21st Century. Noble Studios, a photographer, videographer and DJ, serving the Central New Jersey area and beyond, has a keen sense for incorporating classic wedding looks and traditions from the past with a flair for the modern world. Noble Milton shared with us how weddings have transformed since the last century.

Weddings of the Past

  • The 1900s saw the newly introduced empire waist wedding gown with fitted skirts making an appearance for the first time. In the 1920s more couples began to elope keeping in time with the decade of non conformity.

  • Large weddings made a big splash in the 1950s and paved the way for the formal tuxedo attire of the groom and groomsmen in a big church. That quickly faded away for the next decade being replaced by a less formal ceremony in general. That lasted until Princess Diana married Prince Charles in 1981. Big romantic church weddings were back in a big way for couples all over the world which is where they stayed for the remainder of the century.

  • Throughout the twentieth century, the traditions of the garter, bouquet toss, cake cutting and bridal party remained intact as prominent parts of the wedding celebration.

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Modern Day Weddings

  • While some couples opt out from a church ceremony and the traditional attire, many are now incorporating a very personal style and flair into the wedding with everything from the ceremony location to the act of walking down the aisle.

  • From custom designs to hand written vows, couples are choosing to incorporate their very own style throughout the day.

  • Many couples want to incorporate modern flair with old traditions. With elegance and a sense for new styles, wedding professionals, like Noble Studios, can give you a perfect blend of old and new when it comes to everything from photographs, music and video.

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Noble Studios is a Wedding Photography and DJ service. The goal of Noble Studios is to create a memorable experience for the guests of honor and their loved ones. Experience, enthusiasm and professionalism set us apart from the rest. Click HERE for more information.

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