Summer Wedding Cake Trends from Duet Brasserie and Bakery

Looking for a trendy addition to your romantic day? Try Duet Brasserie and Bakery’s sweet solution with a unique cake to brighten up the atmosphere. From decorative details to colors and creative accents, add some flare through your decadent wedding cake. Find out how to bake the style of your wedding into your cake and whip it into a statement piece no one will forget with these exceptional wedding cake trends from Duet Brasserie below!

Metallic Cakes – The once-trendy pastels are out, as we have seen brides opting for flashier metallic shades. From silver and gold to deeper bronze variations, metallic wedding cakes are always an eye-catching addition to a reception. Mix and match different hues or just stick with one.

White-on-white Cakes– All-white embellishments add an understated and subtle look that coordinate with a simple yet sophisticated cake design.

Monogrammed Cakes– It’s all about adding a personal touch. Including a monogram on your cake is the trendiest new way to put your own stamp on your wedding dessert.

Ruffled Cakes– Recently, texture trends have been popping up everywhere. Brides are now opting to add a sweet touch to their wedding desserts by adding ruffles. The texture is eye-catching and can be kept understated, or embellished by adding pops of color.

Naked Cakes– Rustic is in and choosing a naked wedding cake is the perfect way to emphasize the textures and flavors that a frosted cake would normally hide.

Watercolor Cakes– Opting for a watercolor wedding cake is the perfect way to subtly infuse color in to a wedding theme while still maintaining simplicity. A bride can never go wrong with a touch of color.

Relaxed Bohemian cakes– Bohemian accents are popping up everywhere. What better way to include the popular trend in a wedding than by adding a bohemian touch to a wedding cake? Dress up your cake by adding an abundance of designs to the sides, or keep it simple with just a few flowers.

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