Vendor Spotlight: Getting to Know Perfect Bridals by Christina

If there’s one detail that all brides have in common, it’s that they want to look and feel their absolute best on their wedding day. Aren’t we right ladies? From securing your makeup artist ahead of time to choosing a professional that understands your skin type and the look you’re going for, finding the perfect professional makeup artist doesn’t always come easy. So, today we’re getting to know on-location makeup artist, Perfect Bridals by Christina a little bit better, while she shares a little insight into some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to your wedding day makeup! Thank you Something Blue Wedding Photography for the images below.

Vendor Spotlight on Perfect Bridals by Christina / Photo by Something Blue Wedding Photography 1. Tell us a little about yourself and how you got started as a makeup artist? How long have you been a makeup artist? 

I became 100% obsessed with weddings when I was in my first wedding at 4 years old. I knew then that I wanted to do anything that had to do with weddings! Most girls wanted to be the bride and put their pillow cases over their heads as veils and just pretended to be the bride. I would take that little girl (me being little as well) and adjust the pillow case just right. Her hair would be just so and of course you cannot forget lashes, lips and (back then) rouge!

I started out as a makeup artist as a bridal fluke or as I look at it, having it meant to be. I was a manicurist at the time and one of my clients had asked me to do her makeup for her wedding because she loved how I did my own. That was 25 years ago! From there, it snow balled. I worked in salons doing nails and a little makeup here and there, and a year and a half ago my brain sounded like a Nike commercial and was in “Just Do It” [mode] and I began my on location bridal makeup artist business. It was BY FAR one of the absolute best things that has ever happened.

2.  Are you available to travel outside of New Jersey? If so, how far are you willing to travel to work with a bride?

I travel all over. Most recently, I was hired for a destination wedding in the Caribbean. I cannot wait!

3. What cosmetic brands do you use on a regular basis? Do you have any favorite products you can’t live without?

I think every product I have and use is my all time favorite at one point or another, but right now I am OBSESSED with the Tarte Tartlette in Bloom pallet, Kat Von D’s plum quad eyeshadow pallet and, of course, her shade and light for highlighting and contour! I’ll be honest and tell you the I have tried a million mascaras (even the ones that are very expensive) and my tried and true that I will not change is the Loreal Voluminous Mascara in blackest black.

4. Why should a bride hire a professional makeup artist for her wedding day?

Professional makeup artists are trained to apply makeup for the professional camera. This is not to say that a bride will not look incredible on her own, it is just normally we (women) apply makeup for the mirror not a camera. Professional makeup artists are also trained in what colors and products will work well for the particular bride… we also have magic products to help it last all day!

5. When should a bride secure her makeup artist for her wedding?

If you are planning a wedding during peak season (April-October) then I would recommend reaching out to your bridal makeup artist and letting her give you a time line as to when you should secure.  But if you are planning an off peak wedding, then you should be able to take your time with securing your makeup artist.

6. Do you suggest that a bride has a trial prior to booking with you? How long does a trial take? What can a bride expect during a trial?

I recommend a consultation if not a trial jus to get an idea of what the bride is envisioning for her wedding. Also for the simple fact that you really do want to know the person who you are leaving your makeup to on the day of the wedding.  You want to be able to have a good vibe with them.  Sometimes its not a good match, and thats okay. I would rather know that before the day. A trial allows the makeup artist to have a physical sense of her bride to get a good feel of her skin and texture, what tones to use and what shades to stay away from.  A bride may have one idea in her head and the makeup artist is able to show her so many beautiful features she has that she didn’t even realize until they were pointed out from a professional’s perspective. Typically trials take anywhere from an hour to two hours, depending how much we talk.


7. What kind of makeup prep routine should a bride follow before the trial and wedding?

WATER!!! Water is your friend, so drink lots of it. I recommend a light exfoliation every other day the week leading up to your wedding. I also recommend that if the bride is planning on getting a facial (every bride and bridal party loves to plan a spa day) do not do anything with in the 30 period of your wedding. You never know what can happen with extractions and fun stuff that just comes out after a facial. Your wedding day is not a day you want to relive your teenage skin years.

Also most importantly, everyone has a rehearsal dinner or at least a dinner the night before their wedding.  For every glass of alcohol, you need 8 ounces of water to combat the swelling (and headache) you  will potentially have the next morning during your prep.


8. Do you offer airbrush makeup application? What’s the difference between airbrush makeup and traditional makeup?

Yes. I offer both traditional and airbrush and I love when people ask me the difference.  I have two daughters Gabriella and Monica.  Gabriella loves the feeling of the product on her skin where Monica does not.  On Gabriella, I typically do traditional makeup because of the feeling of having different products on and giving the full coverage that she wants.  On Monica, I will do airbrush.  The airbrush application is a fine mist of product that is full coverage and very light to the skin.  Both types of applications will last the entire day if applied and set properly.  It is all about technique!

9. What can a bride expect on her wedding day?

I tell my brides during their trial that when they are with me, they are my bride.  I arrive on time (if not early) with my assistant or additional artist.  I will be prepared for anything from breakouts and swollen eyes to dark circles and even hangovers! I have makeup to accommodate every skin color and tones. I like to keep my time with my bride special and keep her as calm, cool and collected as I possibly can. My relationships with all of my brides are very unique and I am not just invested as their makeup artists, I become emotionally invested in them and I want to make sure their bridal prep is a wonderful and memorable one. I give all my brides a part of their lip combo for touch ups throughout the day. I end up having a wonderful friendship with my brides and have been referred or hired back by them for one occasion or another.  Also, every single bride can expect me to cry when I see them in their dress… Every Single Time!

10. How can interested brides book your services?

Brides can reach out to me via

Facebook: Perfect Bridals by Christina
Instagram: @perfectbridalsbychristina
Phone: 732-267-3471

All photos by Something Blue Wedding Photography

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