2015 Cocktail Hour Trends from Crave.It

For guests, cocktail hour is without a doubt one of the most looked forward to events during a wedding. Don’t you think? From signature drinks and mingling to scrumptious food options, the cocktail hour sets the tone for your reception. To kick off a new week, Crave.It is sharing six mouthwatering hors d’oeuvre options to spice (and sweeten) up your pre-reception festivities. Enjoy!

2015 Cocktail Hour Trends from Crave.it / Contemporary Bride
1. Flatbread – Crave.it specializes  in homemade focaccia flat breads. Some varieties include sun dried tomato, garlic, white truffle, asiago cheese, and more.
2. Trota Regina Roll with a Mini Herb Omelette – This item is made with mini omelettes (made from farm fresh eggs) and chopped fresh herbs. The omelettes are prepared extra thin and layered with slices of Regina trout, then rolled up and cut into bite-sized slices, which are then served on a bed of lamb’s lettuce with Pachino tomatoes.
3. Almond Fig Panini – A sweet and savory addition that’s made on fresh bread makes a great addition to any cocktail hour.
4. Cheeks of Trout with Fried Leek and Apple Salad -This dish begins with the preparation of julienned unpeeled green and red apples. The julienne is topped with a fresh trout cheek and garnished with a touch of deep-fried leeks.
5. Ham and Cheese is Crave.it’s interpretation of this American favorite.
6. Bambolina is the Italian, fried donut  that can be filled with a sweet cream or just coated in sugar.

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