Wedding Programs that Keep your Guests Intrigued

Wedding programs are one of those extra details that add that special touch to your ceremony. Not only are they a record of your ceremony, but they can also help your guests to understand what is happening and to get to know your bridal party. While they aren’t required, wedding programs can be very helpful if you are having a religious ceremony or if you require guests to follow along.

1. A Practical Guide to Not Falling Asleep

Source: Off-Beat Bride

2. Simple and Organic Photobooth Style Wedding Program

Source: Rustic Wedding Chic

3. Lunch Sack Program Containing Pom-Poms to Shower the Newlyweds

Source: Under Consideration

4. Customizable Silhouette Wedding Program

Source: Etsy

5. Newspaper Wedding Program

Source: 100 Layer Cake

6. Secret Spy Decoder Wedding Program

Source: Off-Beat Bride

7. Adorable Rustic Wedding Programs

Source: Etsy

8. Oversized Matchbook Wedding Programs with Confetti

Source: 100 Layer Cake

9. Magazine Styled Wedding Programs

Source: The Album Factory

10. Mini Guidebook Wedding Program

Source: Love and Lavender

11. Printed Popcorn Buckets (Double duty – guests get a snack too!)

Source: Bee Bee Bisous

12. Digital Wedding Program – Scan it and Save a Tree!

Source: Off-Beat Bride

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