Explore Outdoor Weddings at Zion National Park with Jody Rookstool and Gideon Photography

Ready to explore a way to take your destination wedding over the top, but afraid you may lose that small wedding charm you’ve always dreamed about? Blogger Jody Rookstool is prepared to help you climb new heights with a striking wedding location that mixes a stunning beauty with a quaint wedding space at Zion National Park, located near Springdale, Utah. Learn the high peaks and falls of this scenic setting and get ready to start planning your own destination wedding at this exquisite location, while discovering why Utah can make a beautiful setting for your special day. There’s something magical about tying the knot in this al fresco locale and once you see the beautiful wedding imagery captured by Gideon Photography, you’ll see why.

From Jody Rookstool…”Zion National Park is home to some of the most beautiful vistas in all of the country, so it is with good reason that so many travelers come from far and wide to explore the natural splendor of this pristine setting. The National Park Service at Zion National Park does offer a number of different locations throughout the park for an outdoor wedding, and it is hard to imagine a more scenic location for the exchanging of sacred vows. While the park is a wonderful wedding location, Jody Rookstool has pointed out there are several important factors that should be taken into account when considering Zion National Park as the setting for an outdoor wedding.”

Big Venue, Small Wedding
Past visitors to Zion National Park know that the park itself is expansive. To explore the entirety of the park in a single visit is just about impossible, but that does not mean the park can host an unlimited number of wedding guests. The maximum number of guests for a wedding at Zion National Park is 100; however that number may be considerably less depending on the designated location. Menu Falls, for example, allows a maximum of 10 people, while the Temple of Sinawava allows for a total of 35.

Consider the Park Guidelines Early in the Planning Process
Aside from the size of the wedding party, there are other park guidelines that must be considered early on in the planning process. In order to avoid any potential conflict, it is best to apply for the wedding permit well in advance and to research what is allowed and what is not so that proper preparations can be made. Most of the park guidelines are in place to protect and preserve the park, so a little advance planning is necessary to ensure that there are no avoidable wedding-day surprises.

Get to Know the Park Before Choosing a Location
Jody Rookstool also recommends that couples planning on getting married at Zion National Park spend a lot of time in the park itself well in advance of the wedding. The park is obviously worth visiting on multiple occasions, but this will also help in selecting the best possible venue. Since each location will have an impact on the number of guests able to attend, it is necessary for the couple to have a clear familiarity with the scenery and to understand whether or not that scenery best suits their unique wedding needs.

About Jody Rookstool: Jody is an avid crafter who loves DIY projects. When she’s not sharing professional tips on her blog, she can be found spending time outdoors with her family and discovering new activities among nature.

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